Wayne State University

Newly admitted students

Download a printable version of our Transition to M1 Checklist here.

Review important information and follow the checklist for incoming students to ensure a smooth transition into the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Next steps for incoming students

  • Financial aid

  • Health requirements

  • Admission

    • Submit official copies of all transcripts to the Office of Medical Education Admissions — we do not receive them from the American Medical College Application Service.

    • Transcripts are due at orientation.

  • Criminal background check

    • Complete the criminal background check through the American Medical College Application Service (guidelines).

    • Background checks are due at orientation.

    • If you received your report, it has been sent to us automatically.

  • Complete the White Coat Ceremony forms.

  • Complete the matriculating student questionnaire — a link will be sent directly to you from the American Medical College Application Service.

  • Complete the public safety information form.

  • Complete the Wayne State University general release and waiver.

  • Make living arrangements


Bring the following items with you to orientation: